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Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Butterfly Appeal. You have helped to raise a wonderful £3651 to save local, rare and threatened butterflies in Bedfordshire.

60% of monitored UK butterfly species have declined, including the Duke of Burgundy, small blue and dingy skipper.

But these rare butterflies can be found on your doorstep.

We are managing habitat at Totternhoe nature reserve in Bedfordshire especially for these beautiful creatures. They rely on chalk grassland to feed and breed, but in recent years the quality and quantity of grassland has reduced.

Only 300 hectares of this precious habitat remains in Bedfordshire.

It is essential that we restore and link together areas of chalk grassland wherever possible - this will not just benefit butterflies but a host of other creatures which share their habitat, for example, turtle doves, slow-worms and small mammals.


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  • By phone using a credit/debit card by calling 01954 713543
  • By post by sending a cheque made payable to 'The Wildlife Trust BCN' and send it to us at The Manor House, Broad St, Great Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6DH

Thank you!

Your support will fund vital wildlife work across the three counties. Some part/all of your donations to this Wildlife BCN appeal could be used to make a Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment to a landfill operator to secure a grant through the Landfill Communities Fund.



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